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SALVUS IDC Wrocław Dental Center offers you a wide range of services at the highest level. The methods of treatment we offer are modern, proven and adopted by the world leaders of dentistry. You are wondering how much this treatment costs with us. The price list of the SALVUS IDC Wrocław Dental Center is transparent and detailed below. We always strive to determine the cost of the visit and the cost of treatment in a reliable and accurate manner.
First visit and consultation

We invite you to the first consultation visit, during which we conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth, ask about your expectations and define treatment needs. This is an individual time spent with the doctor, when you have the opportunity to freely ask questions and obtain comprehensive information on any topic related to your health. On the basis of this examination, we can prepare a full range of treatment for you, including the exact costs and time frames.

Diagnosis of the oral cavity
Comprehensive diagnosis of the oral cavity
200 PLN
Dental checkup applies to regular patients
0-100 PLN
Specialist consultation
Specialist periodontal / surgical / endodontic / prosthetic consultation
200 PLN
Preparation of a detailed treatment plan
500 PLN
Possibly of pantomographic imaging or a tomograph
100 - 320 PLN
Conservative dentistry

Minimally invasive treatment of cavities (maximum preservation of healthy tooth tissues) through the complete reconstruction of the damaged carious part of the tooth with the reconstruction of the anatomical structure, grooves and nodules on the chewing surface.

Healing the tooth from cavities and anatomical reconstruction with composite material
from 290 PL
Injection Moulding
digital bonding
700 PLN
Adaptation visit
100 PLN
Tooth sealing
150 PLN
Filling on a milk tooth
from 220-250 PLN
Treatment of white spots on the teeth, one tooth
350 PLN
Microscopic endodontics

Root canal treatment consists in cleaning the inside of the tooth from infected pulp and disinfecting the canals in several stages, which at the end are tight, three-dimensional under pressure with liquid gutta-percha filling. Further strengthening of the tooth with an inlay and tight reconstruction, e.g. with a crown, increases the chances of long-term survival of the tooth. The use of a cofferdam, magnification – microscope, tomograph for diagnostics and many other technological innovations, together with the knowledge and experience of doctors, enables the saving of many teeth. Our specialists carry out painless, predictable and one-stage primary root canal treatment, re-treatment of incorrectly treated teeth, difficult and complicated cases, removing broken tools, closing perforation.


Tooth verification
Tooth verification befor root canal treatment
280 PLN
Intervention visit
Intervention visit. Tooth opening, pain relief
from 350 PLN
Preparation and reconstruction of a tooth for root canal treatment
from 390 PLN
Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment using a microscope
from 700 PLN
Root canal re-treatment
from 970 PLN
Tooth strengthening
Strengthening the tooth with an inlay after root canal treatment
from 7900 PLN
Tooth reconstruction after root canal treatment
from 500 PLN
Additional procedures during root canal treatment
Removal of the insert, closing the perforation, removing instruments from previous treatments, complicated root canal re-treatment
from 280 PLN

Treatment of periodontal diseases, periodontitis and mucogingival problems. We offer patients modern techniques of treating periodontal diseases / periodontitis / as well as a wide range of treatments in the field of gingival microsurgery in accordance with current world standards. Comprehensive treatment of periodontal patients also includes lifelong periodontal care.

Periodontological scaling
from 400 PLN
Closed curettage
from 300 PLN
Open curettage without regeneration
from 600 PLN
Periodontal regeneration
Emdogain periodontal regeneration, bone replacement material
from 2500 PLN
CGF growth factors
400 PLN
Periodontal microsurgery

Procedures in the field of plastic microsurgery of the gums provide spectacular effects by correcting disorders and irregularities at the level of soft tissues, restoring the harmony of a smile.

Gingiva plastic surgery / one tooth
from 300 PLN
Covering the gum recession
from 1800 PLN
Thickening of the gums
Gingival thickening prior to orthodontic treatment
from 1800 PLN
Reconstruction of the missing gum
Gum transplant, connective tissue transplant
from 1800 PLN
Gummy smile correction
1500 PLN
Restoration of the natural length of clinical crowns
2400 PLN
Dental implants

Wroclaw implants are a proven and safe solution in the absence of a single tooth, several teeth and full comprehensive prosthetic reconstruction in the case of toothlessness (crown on an implant, bridge on implants, prosthesis on implants).

Insertion of the implant
Dental implant, surgical part
3100 PLN
Exposing the implant
250 PLN
Alveolar regeneration
Tooth extraction with alveolus protection with PRF platelet rich fibrin or biomaterial (regeneration)
from 400 PLN
Bone regeneration - bone replacement material, bone transplant
priced individually
Soft tissue regeneration (gum transplant)
priced individually
Sinus lift
Lifting by the closed or open method
1000-3500 PLN
Crown on the implant is screwed on
from 2600 PLN
Denture on implants
Denture removable on tenants (latches)
priced individually
Removable denture on the beam
priced individually
Full bow
Full arch, bridge permanently on implants
from 23 400 PLN
Implant checks
100 PLN

Crowns, bridges and veneers enable the reconstruction of lost teeth and the reconstruction of the tooth crown if it has been damaged. Prosthetic works are planned and designed individually for the needs of each patient. On the basis of a full analysis, we select the color and shape of the teeth to match the features of the face, we select the appropriate material, which makes each work unique and unrepeatable.

Smile design
Smile design, wax up arithmetic, DSD digital smile design, discussing of treatment plan
from 1000 PLN
Porcelain veneer
all-ceramic veneer, e Max veneer, Cercon veneer
from 1950 PLN
Porcelain crown
Porcelain crown on a metal structure, nickel-free, ceramic grade
1400 PLN
All-ceramic eMax crown
from 1950 PLN
Crown of Cercon
from 1950 PLN
Porcelain bridge
from 2500 PLN
Adhesive bridge
from 1300 PLN
Inlay / onlay / endocrown
Composite or all-ceramic
from 1250 PLN
Temporary crowns
Yemporary crowns after teeth grinding, made in the office
from 100 PLN
Combined works and complex smile reconstructions require individual design and separate valuation
Dental surgery

It is carried out in accordance with the principles of minimally invasive microsurgery, i.e. in an atraumatic, comfortable and minimizing post-operative manner. We offer our patients the removal of teeth – retained teeth, wisdom teeth, root debris, and completing difficult extractions. As part of this specialty, we perform a number of treatments supporting other areas of dentistry.

Removal of a milk tooth
from 200 PLN
Removal of a permanent tooth
from 200 PLN
Removal of the figure eight
from 500 PLN
Enucleation of the cyst
from 250 PLN
Hemisection, Radectomy
from 450 PLN
Root resection
from 750 PLN
Soft tissue plastic surgery
Undercutting the frenulum, deepening the vestibule, etc.
from 350 PLN
Taking a specimen with histopathological examination
from 250 PLN
Platelet-rich fibrin
Platelet rich fibrin PRP, aPRF and PRF, CGF growth factors
from 100 PLN
Ultrasonic bone incision accelerating orthodontics, one arch
from 2000 zł
Mini implant ortodontyczny
800 PLN
Uncovering an impacted tooth with pasting a lock
from 700 PLN
Removal of the tooth bud
Extraction tooth extraction - mesiodens
from 400 PLN
chirurgia stomatologiczna
Hygienization and whitening

Smart prophylaxis for a healthy smile and the most effective series of treatments educating patients about home hygiene. Hygienic visits are carried out by a qualified and experienced hygienist. We check the effectiveness of home brushing, we evaluate the condition of the gums and tooth enamel. On this basis, we select an effective and individually selected safe method of limescale / deposit removal.

Hygienization (scaling)
Removal of calculus with tooth polishing and fluoridation
270 - 330 PLN
Hygienization package
Scaling + fluoridation + sandblasting
370 - 430 PLN
Sandblasting of sediments
220 PLN
Teeth whitening
Tray whitening (home)
1000 PLN
Beyond office whitening
1200 PLN
COMBINED Teeth whitening
Beyond office whitening +Tray whitening (home)
2000 PLN
X ray

Accurate diagnosis is the basis of proper treatment. That is why in our clinic we use the most modern dental x-ray devices with high resolution and minimal radiation. We take single pictures of teeth as well as three-dimensional imaging of teeth and skull bones using the Kodak CS8100 Tomograph

X-ray digital image of a single tooth
40 PLN
Panoramic overview of the entire dentition
100 PLN
CBCT 3D tomograph
Tomograph, small endodontic field, high resolution
170 PLN
Full arch, maxilla or mandible tomograph
220 PLN
Maxilla and mandible tomograph
320 PLN
Maxillary CT scan with sinuses
320 PLN

Orthodontic treatment is aimed not only at an aesthetic and simple smile, but most of all at correct occlusal conditions and comfortable functioning for years. We provide treatment not only for adolescents, but also for adults in whom dental defects prevent proper prosthetic treatment or already suffer from disorders in the temporomandibular joint. In cooperation with the surgeon, we use techniques that accelerate orthodontic treatment, such as corticotomy and mini implants.

Orthodontic consultation
200 zł
Preparation of diagnostic models
Collection of documentation and preparation of a treatment plan, preparation of diagnostic models
400 PLN
Fixed metal braces (1 arch)
2700 PLN
Aesthetic fixed braces (1 arch)
2900 - 3500 PLN
Control visit with fixed braces
270 PLN
Disassembling the camera (1 arch+ retention plate)
1050 PLN
Retention plate
400 PLN
Removable camera
1000 - 1200 PLN
Control visit with Removable camera
150 PLN
Invisalign and Other appliances are priced during a consultation visit

We perform all procedures under anesthesia, which is always free of charge, regardless of the amount, because your comfort is the most important to us.

The prices given are indicative only. The presented price list does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code. The clinic reserves the right to change the prices of services. The final amount of the procedure is determined by the doctor before the start of treatment.

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