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Lek. dent. Katarzyna Suckiel-Papiór

Lek. dent. Katarzyna Suckiel-Papiór

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Lek. dent. Kamila Jasinowska


Periodontolog Wrocław

Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the periodontium, namely the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the tissues surrounding the teeth. Periodontological tratements include removing the pathogen and reconstruction of cavities caused by the development of the disease – including through the regeneration of gums and bone tissue, as well as the restoration of “red” aesthetics, i.e. correction of irregularities in the gums.

The first symptom of the disease is irritation of the gums, which is manifested by redness, swelling and bleeding. Gingivitis can be effectively cured by undergoing hygienization treatments, e.g. scaling in a qualified dental office, and by improving home oral hygiene. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis (periodontitis) – an infectious disease of the periodontal tissues.

Then the ligaments and bones supporting the tooth become damaged. Over time, undiagnosed and untreated periodontal disease may lead to loosening of the teeth, atrophy of gums and bones, and, in the advanced stage, to tooth loss. The first symptoms of the development of periodontitis (i.e. gum redness, bleeding gums during brushing, unpleasant taste in the mouth, periodontal pockets) are often ignored by the patient – therefore it is worth visiting the dentist’s office regularly as part of follow-up visits.



As part of the treatment of periodontal diseases, we undertake the following treatments:

  • Recession Coverage
  • Scaling, sandblasting,
  • Closed and open curettage,
  • Splinting loose teeth,
  • Restoration of the bound gum zone (free gingival grafts),
  • Thickening of the gums before orthodontic treatment,
  • Augmentation of the alveolar process by connective tissue transplantation,
  • Surgical lengthening of the clinical crown.
  • Gingivoplasty,
  • Frenulum plastic surgery,
  • Plastic surgery of the toothless appendage, jaw tumor,
  • Bone regeneration (GBR) and periodontal regeneration (GTR) with the use of implant materials, incl. Emdogain
  • Preparation for prosthesis,
  • Treatment of periodontal abscesses.

What is scaling and curettage?

Periodontal treatment consists in stopping or slowing down the disease process. We carry it out by thoroughly cleaning the subgingival calculus and bacteria from the subgingival pockets and the root. For this purpose, we use an ultrasonic scaler and microcircuits. Local pharmacotherapy and surgical treatment are an inseparable element of periodontal treatment.
Diseases related to periodontal tissues are chronic in nature, which requires professional, sometimes lifelong medical care aimed at maintaining the intended treatment effect. We offer our patients microbiological diagnostics of PET pockets and computer examination of periodontal tissues, thanks to which we are able to verify the effectiveness of the treatment.

What is scaling?

Tooth scaling is the basic procedure performed as part of periodontal treatment. This treatment step removes both under the gum surface and tartar build-up on the tooth surface. For the treatment, we use a scaler that is safe for enamel and gums. Scaling should be supported by sandblasting, during which the remaining deposits and some discoloration are removed.
Patients who regularly carry out hygienization procedures certainly know what scaling is – in periodontics it is performed in the same way. As part of the prevention of oral cavity diseases, the procedure should be performed at least twice a year – especially by people who drink a lot of coffee and smoke cigarettes.

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      Price list


      Periodontological scaling
      from 400 PLN
      Closed curettage
      from 300 PLN
      Open curettage without regeneration
      from 600 PLN
      Periodontal regeneration
      Emdogain periodontal regeneration, bone replacement material
      from 2500 PLN
      CGF growth factors
      400 PLN