Plastic microsurgery of the gums

Plastic microsurgery of the gums

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Lek. dent. Katarzyna Suckiel-Papiór

Lek. dent. Katarzyna Suckiel-Papiór


Plastic microsurgery of the gums Wroclaw
The SALVUS IDC Dental Center offers services in the field of plastic microsurgery of the gums. This field is distinguished by a precise and minimally invasive approach, which shortens the convalescence period and increases the patient’s comfort after the procedure. Microsurgical procedures are performed by Dr. Katarzyna Suckiel-Papiór – a periodontology specialist who treats in accordance with the latest world standards.

Gingiva plastic microsurgery should be considered in the following cases:

  • Gingival recessions – manifested by moving the gums away from the teeth, gradual exposure of the root, which results in hypersensitivity and “extension” of the dentition. This is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a health problem – if left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss
  • Gummy smile – the so-called gummy smile. This term is used to describe a smile that excessively exposes the gums, which interrupts the mouth’s proper proportions – the occurrence of this phenomenon makes the teeth appear too short in relation to the gums.

As part of microsurgery, we offer the following treatments:

  • Covering gingival recessions – a treatment that allows the regeneration of lowered gums using a palate graft,
  • Reconstruction of the missing gingiva – the lack of gingiva may result from an anatomical disorder, or it may be the result of orthodontic or surgical treatment (if the procedure was very invasive or performed incorrectly). Its presence is important for the proper condition of periodontal tissues – patients who have lost their gums can restore the normal physiological state and health of periodontal tissues through the reconstruction procedure,
  • Gingival smile correction – restoring the correct smile proportions by reducing the amount of visible gums is possible with microsurgical treatment,
  • Thickening of soft tissues – a prophylactic treatment, e.g. before putting braces on the teeth – owing to which you can prevent gingival recessions, which is a common complication after orthodontic treatment,
  • Connective tissue transplant – colloquially called “gingival transplant”, performed as part of implant treatment and to improve the aesthetics of pink. The procedure involves transplanting the palate tissue to a place where there is a deficit – this way you can improve the contour and thickness of the gum, as well as eliminate the effect of overly lengthened teeth,
  • Undercutting the frenulum – too short a frenulum may hinder correct pronunciation or nursing in infants, causing the formation of diastema (gaps between the incisors). The procedure of undercutting the frenulum allows you to significantly improve the quality of life,
  • Deepening the vestibule – too shallow a vestibule (the space between the lips and teeth) increases the risk of exposing the necks of the teeth, exposes the gums and mucosa to mechanical damage, and additionally makes it difficult in implantology or prosthetics. Its deepening in most cases is recommended for patients who have been struggling with total edentulousness for many years – in their case, bone loss could bring the bone process into alignment with the floor of the mouth or the atrium.

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      Price list

      Periodontal microsurgery

      Gingiva plastic surgery / one tooth
      from 300 PLN
      Covering the gum recession
      from 1800 PLN
      Thickening of the gums
      Gingival thickening prior to orthodontic treatment
      from 1800 PLN
      Reconstruction of the missing gum
      Gum transplant, connective tissue transplant
      from 1800 PLN
      Gummy smile correction
      1500 PLN
      Restoration of the natural length of clinical crowns
      2400 PLN