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Implantology Wroclaw

Losing a tooth in the long run causes a defect that is not only cosmetic, but also functional. The loss causes the movement of the remaining teeth towards the gap, disrupts the proper functioning of the stomatognathic system and, consequently, may lead to the loss of the rest of the dentition. Prosthetic reconstruction using dental implants allows you to restore the correct occlusal and aesthetic conditions – to an extent similar to the natural one.

The procedures and solutions performed as part of implantology include:

  • Extractions with augmentation – after tooth extraction, we perform a procedure to preserve the alveolar process using bone substitute material, PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) or ground dentin, which prevents bone loss and enables implant placement,
  • Gum reconstruction – bone loss has a negative effect on the gums – before implantation, it is necessary to restore and thicken it with the help of transplants from the palate,
  • Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus – a method of reconstructing the alveolar bone in height. We carry out the lifting of the maxillary sinus using both the open and closed method,
  • Extraction with implantation – replacement of a tooth with an implant during one visit,
  • Single tooth implants – restoration of gaps with the use of an implant and a ceramic crown,
  • Bridge, prosthesis on implants – a comprehensive prosthetic solution enabling the reconstruction of extensive cavities, even in the absence of all teeth – fixed with prostheses on tenants, on a beam or, for example, Prettau bridges.

What does a tooth implant look like?

Dental implants, i.e. titanium intraosseous implants, coincide with the root in terms of functionality. Patients who are wondering what a tooth implant looks like may compare it to a screw – they are very similar in shape and color. The optimal structure of the implant and its special surface allow it to be placed in the socket or in the bone and allow the implant to easily fuse with the bone.

Implant or bridge?

The implant prevents the process of resorption, i.e. bone loss, but in itself it is not a comprehensive prosthetic solution. A prosthetic crown is most often attached to it, which allows the reconstruction of individual deficiencies, or a bridge or prosthesis – if the patient wants to rebuild several teeth, or even a complete absence in the arch.

Natural teeth or dental implants can be used to fix the bridge. In a situation where the Patient does not want to sacrifice healthy teeth to fill the missing teeth, he should consider implantation. This solution avoids interference with the hard tissue of the tooth.

Implant or bridge – which is better? We believe that implantological treatment is the most effective form of reconstructing correct occlusal conditions. Depending on the clinical conditions and financial possibilities, it is worth considering connecting the implants with the bridge, which will allow filling the missing teeth while maintaining the optimal treatment price.

How much does a tooth implant cost?

Dental implants are a solution that is one of the greatest dental achievements. Their advantages have convinced patients from all over the world who can function without hindrance in the form of an uncomfortable prosthetic solution. Implantological treatment is a long-term investment in your health and appearance – once implanted, an implant can be used for life. Information on the cost of treatment is provided by the implantologist at the consultation stage.

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      Price list

      Dental implants

      Insertion of the implant
      Dental implant, surgical part
      3100 PLN
      Exposing the implant
      250 PLN
      Alveolar regeneration
      Tooth extraction with alveolus protection with PRF platelet rich fibrin or biomaterial (regeneration)
      from 400 PLN
      Bone regeneration - bone replacement material, bone transplant
      priced individually
      Soft tissue regeneration (gum transplant)
      priced individually
      Sinus lift
      Lifting by the closed or open method
      1000-3500 PLN
      Crown on the implant is screwed on
      from 2600 PLN
      Denture on implants
      Denture removable on tenants (latches)
      priced individually
      Removable denture on the beam
      priced individually
      Full bow
      Full arch, bridge permanently on implants
      from 23 400 PLN
      Implant checks
      100 PLN