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Lek. dent. Przemysław Papiór

Lek. dent. Przemysław Papiór

Lek. dent. Kamila Jasinowska

Lek. dent. Kamila Jasinowska


chirurgia stomatologiczna

Dental surgery is a field that deals with the treatment of dental and oral cavity diseases through surgery. Treatments in its scope include both minor diseases (requiring, for example, tooth extraction), and more advanced (including those related to the disappearance of the alveolar bone). Surgical actions are most often taken when other methods of treatment are ineffective – then they constitute the last resort.

Dental surgery – what does it do?

One of the procedures performed in our dental center is the surgical removal of wisdom teeth. Eighth teeth, also called wisdom teeth, are a special group – due to the difficult placement and often lack of full eruption (i.e. they are partially or completely retained), their removal requires an individual approach. Most often, their extraction requires a surgical procedure, which consists in gradual removal from the socket by dividing into pieces. This way, the interference with the bone is reduced and, at the same time, postoperative complaints are minimized, thanks to which the healing time is shorter.

Other dental surgery procedures include:

  • Tooth extraction – a procedure undertaken when the tooth does not qualify for further conservative or endodontic treatment, as well as supporting orthodontic treatment,
  • Completing the extraction – removal of the root residue,
  • Root apex resection – the purpose of the procedure is to remove the top of the tooth root and clean the surrounding bone – this prevents the need to extract the tooth. The procedure is performed when the root canal treatment could prove to be ineffective,
  • Lengthening the clinical crown – a microsurgical procedure consisting in shifting the gum line, which in the case of a broken tooth enables its prosthetic reconstruction,
  • Undercut / plasty of the frenulum – involves cutting the membrane under the tongue or lip. Most often, this treatment is part of speech therapy, i.e. in the case of speech impediments, and orthodontic treatment – in the case of diastema closure or prophylactically to prevent gingival recession,
  • Plastic surgery of the alveolar process, e.g. smoothing bone outgrowths before prosthesis – performed in order to restore the original shape of the bone,
  • Incision and drainage of abscesses – a painless procedure to remove pus accumulated due to inflammation caused by bacteria. In this way, the development of an infection is prevented,
  • Excision of lesions on the mucosa – lesions on the mucosa are one of the symptoms of tumor development. Their early diagnosis and removal helps to prevent disease progression,
  • Enucleation of the cyst – a procedure consisting in minimally invasive enucleation of the lesion from the bone and regeneration of the defect. In this way, the losses caused by the development of inflammation and cysts are reduced,
  • Plastic surgery of the oro-sinus connection (sinus closure) – performed in a situation where, as a result of surgery (during or a few days after), the maxillary sinus with the oral cavity is connected.
  • Alveolar regeneration – atraumatic tooth extraction minimizes the risk of soft tissue damage and preserves the intact bone process. In order to obtain a satisfactory final aesthetic effect, we also offer our patients the provision of post-extraction, post-traumatic or post-inflammatory alveoli as an action to prevent alveolar bone loss. This enables implantation in the future,
  • Orthodontic surgery – in cooperation with an orthodontist, we perform procedures in the field of orthodontic surgery, such as corticotomy, introduction of mini-implants as a procedure supporting orthodontic treatment, exposure of impacted teeth and the extraction of additional teeth.

The treatments are performed gently and painlessly under local anesthesia. We follow the principles of minimally invasive microsurgery, i.e. in an atraumatic, comfortable and minimizing post-operative manner.

Patients who decide to undergo treatment at our dental center can count on full pre- and post-treatment support – we prepare the patient for the treatment pharmacologically, we explain the course of the treatment in detail and instruct on how to behave afterwards, and we make sure that the healing process is carried out properly. All surgical control visits and suture removal are free of charge

Tooth surgery

Tooth surgery is a term used interchangeably – most often in everyday language. It covers the same range of activities as dental surgery.

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      Price list

      Dental surgery

      Removal of a milk tooth
      from 200 PLN
      Removal of a permanent tooth
      from 200 PLN
      Removal of the figure eight
      from 500 PLN
      Enucleation of the cyst
      from 250 PLN
      Hemisection, Radectomy
      from 450 PLN
      Root resection
      from 750 PLN
      Soft tissue plastic surgery
      Undercutting the frenulum, deepening the vestibule, etc.
      from 350 PLN
      Taking a specimen with histopathological examination
      from 250 PLN
      Platelet-rich fibrin
      Platelet rich fibrin PRP, aPRF and PRF, CGF growth factors
      from 100 PLN
      Ultrasonic bone incision accelerating orthodontics, one arch
      from 2000 zł
      Mini implant ortodontyczny
      800 PLN
      Uncovering an impacted tooth with pasting a lock
      from 700 PLN
      Removal of the tooth bud
      Extraction tooth extraction - mesiodens
      from 400 PLN