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Treatment in our clinic is a fusion of narrow specialties that make up the success of the final smile. When undertaking treatment in SALVUS IDC you do not have to make compromises in terms of quality or attractive appearance, because this is what we provide to each of our patients. Come and see for yourself about our safe atmosphere because it is not just events that make people afraid and anxious, but their perception and judgment about them.

Comprehensive diagnostics

Accurate diagnosis means an accurate treatment plan, so in Salvus IDC it is very important for us to have a full detailed diagnosis. For this purpose, before and during treatment, we use modern technologies - computer tomography, digital radiovisiography system, surgical microscopes, magnifying glasses, growth factor technologies, computerized periodontium examination.

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Lost teeth can be reconstructed with various prosthetic solutions, as well as the reconstruction of a single tooth’s crown if it has been damaged (prosthetic crown, bridge). Maintaining the full efficiency of the mouth’s entire chewing system is extremely important for the psychological comfort of having full dentition and thus, maintaining a comfortable life. Prosthetic works are planned and designed individually for the specific needs of each patient. Porcelain veneers are a great solution to correct aesthetic imperfections such as tooth color, shape or setting in an arch. These are thin porcelain fronts glued to the face of the tooth, which is a quick and easy way to permanently lighten your teeth.


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