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Lek. dent. Kamila Jasinowska

Lek. dent. Kamila Jasinowska


aesthetic medicine WroclawAesthetic medicine is a discipline focusing on improving beauty through the use of minimally invasive, safe methods. Its solutions slow down the aging processes, including by filling wrinkles and nourishing the skin, as well as improving the lip contour, treatment of baldness and more.

Needle mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy is one of the most popular aesthetic medical treatments. The use of needles in the correction of skin imperfections allows it to bypass the epidermal barrier, thanks to which the applied active substances are more effective, and additionally stimulates the body to produce new cells. The popularity of the method results, among other things, from its versatility. As part of needle mesotherapy, we use “nutritional cocktails” of various applications – moisturizing, restoring skin elasticity and density, protecting against free radicals, combating discoloration, and more. We recommend needle mesotherapy to anyone who wants to restore a healthy and youthful appearance to the skin. It can be used on virtually any part of the body – including the skin of the face, neck, arms, thighs, cleavage and hands.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels allow you to immediately improve the condition of the skin. As in the case of needle mesotherapy, the preparations differ in their use – they are used to reduce wrinkles, reduce acne, regenerate the skin, reduce discoloration and many others. Chemical peel differs from granular peel because it does not contain abrasive substances – its strength lies in the selection of substances with an appropriate composition, active ingredient concentration and pH. They are a great preparation of the skin for subsequent aesthetic treatments, such as needle mesotherapy, for an even better effect.

Platelet-rich fibrin

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a biological material obtained from the patient’s blood. The use of PRF allows the skin to regenerate, reduce the visibility of wrinkles and furrows, and improve skin firmness. In therapy, we use material obtained directly from the patient’s body, which excludes the risk of allergic reactions and is also a chance to take care of the appearance of the skin in people suffering from autoimmune diseases, e.g. Hashimoto’s disease.

Correction of wrinkles

As part of the correction of wrinkles, we use, among others botox, hyaluronic acid, lifting threads and needle mesotherapy. Each of these methods is highly effective and guarantees a satisfactory effect. The choice of substances is determined based on the patient’s needs – botox perfectly smoothes even deep wrinkles by reducing the work of facial muscles, hyaluronic acid gives an immediate effect of filling both shallow and deep wrinkles (sometimes it is necessary to perform several treatments), while chemical peeling will reduce the visibility of shallow furrows.

Lip modelling

We use hyaluronic acid to enlarge and model the contour of the lips. It is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, therefore its use carries a low risk of side effects. For people who decide to use hyaluronic acid in the mouth area for the first time, a very good solution is to use a low-density preparation, which provides a very natural effect and long-lasting hydration – this treatment is recommended in the case of chapped lips.

Hyaluronic acid

The use of hyaluronic acid (HA) gives a general rejuvenation effect. The substance is commonly called the “elixir of youth” – it can be used to improve skin elasticity, fill wrinkles, accelerate skin regeneration processes (healing wounds, burns), and model the contour of the face. HA is one of the ingredients of numerous rejuvenating creams, which due to the skin barrier are not as effective as injecting the preparation into the skin. The obtained effect lasts for a maximum of 12 months – after this time it should be repeated.


Botulinum toxin, also called botox or botulinum toxin, is injected directly into the muscle tissue. In this way, neuromuscular conduction is blocked – the muscle responsible for the formation of wrinkles is weakened, which reduces the visibility of skin furrows and prevents them from deepening. The effect of the treatment is temporary and disappears after a few months (usually 4-6 months). It is the solution of choice for horizontal forehead wrinkles and for the so-called lion’s furrows, giving an undesirable angry look on the face.

Lifting threads

PDO threads, also called lifting threads, are implanted directly under the skin. They are an alternative to a surgical facelift – similar effects are obtained with the use of a less invasive method. The threads are made of substances that dissolve gradually – their absorption stimulates regenerative processes, which leads to the overall rejuvenation, firmness and revitalization of the skin. The effect of the treatment lasts for about two years; after this time, it is recommended to repeat it.

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